TEKLA propose itself as a technical-commercial partner for your investments in technology.

The tools available to investors today are innumerable and the choice of the most suitable solutions for the growth of your business must be increasingly oriented towards the investment pay back, which must be as quick as possible.

For a quick pay back also the management of production flows comes into play, which must be as much as possible without waste (Lean Manufacturing) and with a Just in Time management of semi-finished products.

The staff of TEKLA has been working on these issues and concepts for years on various projects carried out in different countries and with a knowledge of the machines available on the market developed in 40 years of experience in contact with the major manufacturers of woodworking machines. Each country or production area has its own specificity and the concepts considered to be general must therefore be adapted to the place where they must be put into practice: this is where TEKLA can make the difference by offering its knowledge of international markets.

The level of machine technology is becoming more and more basically equivalent. New interlocutors were born in various areas of the world, see in particular CHINA and BRAZIL, therefore the range of offers has widened and we must know how to choose not according to the NAME of the manufacturer, but in function of the adaptability of the solution chosen to the needs, which sometimes can be of extreme high technology, therefore the choice must go to interlocutors with proven experience, while sometimes it can be simply price / performance.

TEKLA has developed a network of skills and interlocutors, in various countries, to assist investors on:

- Creation of new factory layouts

- Study of production flows

- Realization of special machines

- Automation of product handling.

- Solutions for semi-finished products management: automatic warehouses

- Accompaniment to the choice of the most suitable technology for specific business

We remain at your disposal for any request and we will be happy to present you our potential offer in more detail.